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Sell your car to Citton Buys Cars and get the best price, fast

Sell your car to Citton Buys Cars.

Get an incredible offer on your car, first time. Visit us for a fast, free evaluation. We make instant payment.


Why trade in and lose out? We’ll buy your used car, whether you’re buying from us or not.

Citton Buys Cars is the better way to sell – no risk, no frustration, and no nonsense. As you’d expect, there’s quality at every turn. It’s there in our lightning-fast process, from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, with cash-in-pocket. Try out our expert valuations on second-hand cars that promise a competitive price.

Selling your car has never been this easy – complete the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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Impressive Price

Get an incredible offer on your car, first time.

Trusted Dealer

Award-winning local dealer. 100% risk-free transaction.

Quick & Easy

The best service at the right price. We’ll keep it simple.


Instant Payment

We buy fast and pay instantly, cash-in-pocket.


Fast, Free Evaluation

We buy fast and pay instantly, cash-in-pocket.

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Get an expert valuation that’s good for seven days.


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Go home with money in your pocket. It’s that simple!


  • Tired of bad fuel economy?
  • Cutting costs?
  • Upgrading?
  • Big repairs?
  • Insurance soaking up your savings?
  • Warranty finishing?
  • Terrible trade-in offers?
  • Growing family?
  • Mileage getting high?


  • Great and fast service

    “I wanted to sell my car on weelee and Citton Cars gave me the best offer. On the same day I brought my car to them they paid the money, they even dropped me off at my home. Will definitely use their services again.”

    Maritza S

  • There is still good in the world!

    “I received a fair offer for my vehicle and the whole process was effortless. Took about 30 mins and boom, done! The service I received from Albi can’t be faulted at all. I’m very pleased.”

    Renata S

  • I trust Citton Cars.

    “Albi was super cool, efficient & friendly. Whole process of selling my car took less than an hour. He explained everything to me & did his utmost best to offer me the best price possible for my car. I trust Citton Cars”

    Suret L

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